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      Name Type BPM Starting at
    Hear Me HipHop, new school, pop, R&B 148 $20.00 Buy
    Medicate HipHop, pop, R&B, Soul 140 bpm $30.00 Buy
    Get Away HipHop, pop, R&B, Soul 112 $15.00 Buy
    Satin Club, pop, R&B, Soul 93 $15.00 Buy
    Cash Club, Electronic, HipHop, Trap 72 $15.00 Buy
    My People HipHop, new school, pop, R&B, Soul 90 bpm $15.00 Buy
    The First Night Club, pop, R&B, Soul $9.99 Buy
    Tragic Boom Bap, new school, Old School, Soul, Trip-Hop $15.00 Buy
    Business Hip-Hop $9.99 Buy
    Vibing Club, Hip-Hop, Jazz, new school, pop, Soul, Trap 134 $9.99 Buy
    How We Do It Hyphy $9.99 Buy
    Deep Beneathe HipHop, pop, R&B, Soul 100 $9.99 Buy
    Come Around HipHop, pop, Soul 75 $15.00 Buy
    Emotion HipHop, Jazz, Soul, Trap 78 $20.00 Buy
    Take Me Ballad, pop, R&B, Soul 75 bpm $20.00 Buy
    Beignet Hip-Hop, Jazz, Old School, R&B, Soul 87 $9.99 Buy
    Boom Bap Hip-Hop, Jazz, Old School 90 $9.99 Buy
    Frost Boom Boop, Hip-Hop, Old School $15.00 Buy
    Broken Promises Club, Island, Latin, pop, R&B, Rock 165 $15.00 Buy
    Scheming HipHop, Soul, Trap 100 $9.99 Buy
    Stuck Club, Hip-Hop, Trap 150 $9.99 Buy
    Pablo Club, Hip-Hop, Trap 116 $9.99 Buy
    Faith Electronic, Hip-Hop, new school, R&B, Soul $9.99 Buy
    Naughty Gangsta, new school, Old School $9.99 Buy
    We Dont Stop Hip-Hop, Jazz $9.99 Buy
    Superman Gangsta, Hip-Hop, new school $9.99 Buy
    The Mission Hip-Hop, Old School $9.99 Buy
    Nasty Hip-Hop, Jazz, Old School $9.99 Buy