November, 2014

Big K.R.I.T – Cadillactica Album Review

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Big KRIT is one of those anomalies in Hip-Hop. Although he is much revered in underground Hip-Hop circles and has had some success commercially, he has yet to make a “hit song”. Now, I don’t care about this. In all honesty, I’d rather hear emcee’s that are album worthy, not “hit single” worthy. Of course, tell that to the music industry, right? It’s a little strange though to think about how mainstream southern Hip-Hop has become and yet, K.R.I.T hasn’t been welcomed completely by the mainstream.


Here’s the deal though. This guy is ahead of his time! His music seems to gather steam a year or so after he pushes out albums. This kind of reminds me of what happened in the beginning with Outkast. Outkast had a sound that was out of this world and ahead of its time. I won’t compare Outkast to KRIT, but you’ve got to see the parallels of the type of music they create.

Big K.R.I.T’s album Cadillactica might silence a lot of skepticism from critics. K.R.I.T is one talented guy! It’s hard to find an emcee that can make beats as good as he flows, but K.R.I.T can do that. With that said, let’s get into this.

 1)   Kreation – This track is dope! The fact that this first track is so laid back and funky should give you a good idea where he’s doing on this album. This beat is so futuristically synth heavy and does a great job of just finding that vibe. The hook is great too!
2)   Life – You know, I can get down with 808 drums! And this album is full of exactly that. But it’s the way that he decides to use those drums that really works well. This track doesn’t need too much drums, but when they come in it’s just ridiculous. One of the best things about K.R.I.T is he knows how to layer his sound so well. Such is the case with this track. There’s just so much going on! As for K.R.I.T’s rapping, he’s shown quite a bit of progress. He’s not just rapping about your typical subject matter either:
“Transmission, I missed my mark – day one
I was so close to the sun –
I burnt the top off my roof
I’ve travelled a million miles to uncover
What most would doubt
Although I believe in god, I need proof”
3)   My Sub, Pt. 3 (Big Bang) – This is an alright track. Kind of reminiscent of an older 808 style beat from the 80’s. It’s cool that he is telling a story of the idea of bass in the car with those 2 15’s in the trunk. There’s an interlude to the next song right after this. It kind of takes you by surprise that he just ended the track the way he did. Not my favorite on the album, but it holds it’s own.
4)   Cadillactica – This track is the first single off of the album! I didn’t think that K.R.I.T would decide to use an outside producer, but in this case he did and it was definitely a good idea. DJ Dahi and DJ Khalil are both great producers! The good thing is that the track sounds like it belongs on the album. Sonically, the track is just CRAZY! The hook is addictive too. This could possibly be a crossover hit for K.R.I.T! Get some radio play, he definitely deserves it.

5) Soul Food (Feat. Raphael Saadiq)- Raphael Saadiq is still that dude! This beat is definitely soulful with that boom bap sound. K.R.I.T is coming across smooth on this track. But really, what makes this so nice is Saadiq’s singing on the hook. The guitar is killing it on this track. And those piano keys in the background are so nice!

6)   Pay Attention (Feat. Rico Love) – This will probably be the second single off of his album. It’s a more poppy down south track. Rico Love is a good singer and K.R.I.T is definitely doing his thing! It’s nice to hear K.R.I.T willing to change his musical style. It’s also good to see someone else taking the reigns on producing. That’s not to say K.R.I.T can’t produce (like I said earlier, the dude is a dope producer), but this forces him to spit over other type of beats.
7)   King of the South – This track right here is so nice! It’s got almost as much energy as the track Cadillactica. He’s so nice with the flow on this. You’ll appreciate how K.R.I.T is changing his style up quite frequently on this track!
8)   Mind Control (Feat. E-40 and Wiz Khalifa) – I don’t know if this is going to be his third single. It definitely has the power of those features. However, I got to say I wasn’t really feeling E-40’s verse. As for Wiz, I just don’t think this is the right type of track for him. K.R.I.T kills it though. The hook is pretty good, but not memorable. Not my favorite on the album.
9)   Do You Love Me (featuring Mara Hruby) – The interlude before this track is real smooth. I’m really digging how laid back this track is as well! The singing is nice on this track and you get to see a more sensitive side of K.R.I.T. Yes, it is a ladies track, but there’s so much going on in those keys and layers! Think this is my favorite track on the album.
10)   Third Eye – It’s so nice to see K.R.I.T singing on this album! He’s not a bad singer. DJ Dahi produced this track and it feels very soulful. Those Rhodes keys are such a good feel for this type of track. Man, K.R.I.T is just on point on this. And that flute at the end is killing it! Definitely worth listening to!
11) Mo Better Cool (Feat. Bun B, Devin The Dude, and Big Sant) – This is that straight smooth Jazz feeling that is missing from Hip-Hop today! I really like the feature line up too on this song! Much more appropriate for this album then E-40 and Wiz Khalifa. Bun B is so nice to hear on this track too! Those trumpets and horn section on the end put this over the top on production! DOPE!
12) Angels – Wow, K.R.I.T is going to keep on putting us in that laid back funky jazz mood! It’s so needed though! And this is just perfect for what he’s spitting. The singing is dope and the hook is pretty catchy. But really, it’s what’s happening in the background! All those layers are just beautiful to listen to. And it wouldn’t be complete without K.R.I.T’s storytelling ability!
13) Saturdays = Celebration (Feat. Jamie N Commons) – Jamie N Commons is a pretty soulful singer! It just keeps on getting better on this album. Gospel singers cut into the background with a heavy piano just vamping on chord changes. And those drums are so different than what I’m use to hearing on a Hip-Hop album. I don’t think these are even 808’s. This has got to be one of the most personal tracks for K.R.I.T! Man, it’s just so good!
14) Lost Generation (feat. Lupe Fiasco) – It’s over! I mean, I don’t know what happened, but K.R.I.T is on some next level. Seriously, these tracks are just too good not to fall in love with this album. The hook is great on this track, but really he’s just keeping that same organically built sound formula! Lupe is doing his thing, although I’m getting tired of his sarcastic flow.
15) Mt. Olympus – Wow, this is K.R.I.T hungry! Totally agree with his message on this track. He’s just tired of the music industry and those cats that are straight hating on him. It works to perfection and I must say he is straight spitting. I liked Big K.R.I.T before, but this just makes me like him more. And those horns in the background with that marching snare is killing it!
16) Lac Lac (Feat. A$AP Ferg) – This is a good way to end the album. That organ in the background is killing. And once again, sonically it’s just so refreshing! A$AP Ferg I’m not sure what to think of yet. However, I admit that he’s definitely doing his thing on this track.
 I’m saying this, if K.R.I.T isn’t at least up for some award for this album, he will go down as one of the most slept on in the game. Seriously, this album is near perfection in my book! The production style is much needed in Hip-Hop today. And K.R.I.T has really put his all into this album!
I’m giving this a 4.9/5. This is a classic in my book! Pick this one up and turn it up!